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MyHeritage - Family tree, DNA & ancestry search

Get the MyHeritage - Family tree, DNA & ancestry search


After ordering a MyHeritage DNA kit, you will receive a package containing swabs and test tubes. All you need to do is swab the inside of your cheek, then put the swab in a tube and send it back. Your sample then gets analyzed in a lab where your DNA data is extracted and filtered through an extensive DNA database for matching genetic sequences.
The MyHeritage DNA test provides two main results. (1) An extensive ethnicity breakdown that indicates which parts of the world your ancestors hailed from and (2) A list of DNA Matches, these are people who share DNA with you and are likely to be relatives.
MyHeritage takes the privacy of your data very seriously. All DNA tests are processed in secure and certified labs, the data is encrypted and stored on secure servers, and MyHeritage never sells the DNA data to any third parties.
Yes, MyHeritage allows you to easily import a GEDCOM file, which is a universal family tree format that can be exported from most genealogy websites.
Absolutely! MyHeritage has a worldwide database and detects DNA Matches with people who have taken the MyHeritage DNA test, regardless of their location.
Yes, MyHeritage offers genetic health tests that can give you insight into your genetic risk for developing certain conditions, such as heart disease or breast cancer.
The MyHeritage Photo Enhancer is a feature that uses AI technology to improve the quality of old and low-resolution photos. It can clarify blurry images, add color to black-and-white photos, and bring the past to life.
Yes, the MyHeritage app can be installed and used on multiple devices. Your data and research are synced across all your devices, so you can continue your family history research at any time, anywhere.
The basic version of the MyHeritage app can be downloaded for free. This gives you access to basic features, but some advanced features, like access to historical records, advanced DNA insights, and photo colorization, require a paid subscription.
To cancel your MyHeritage subscription, you need to log in to your account, go to "My Purchases," then "Subscriptions & Services", and click on "Stop auto-renewal." You can also contact MyHeritage’s customer service if you need assistance.