Lost in Random

Lost in Random is an action game in a gothic atmosphere about the gloomy sides of life and the faith that is chosen by the dice. Zoink developed the game, which Electronic Arts then published on September 10, 2021. The game Lost in Random is available for download on Personal Computer, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. The Lost in Random for Xbox is also available on the official store.


Once you install Lost in Random you receive access to a grotesque Tim Burton-ish world ruled by an evil Queen. Her kingdom called Random has 6 realms. Each of the citizens is doomed to the faith decided by the roll of the dice. In this game, you play Even, a young girl who travels around these 6 realms hoping to save her sister. Lost in Random on PC reveals to you about the adventures of Even and her new friend, weird dice name Dicey. They have to learn how to live in the chaotic kingdom, meeting the residents, exploring the cities.

Although you can’t preorder Lost in Random already, since the game was recently officially released, you may still find the price affordable and fair to pay for the unique game with deep meaning in every twist of the plot. It is philosophical and life-asserting. You must battle for your personal joy and demonstrate that any belief can be transformed. The game presents a complex challenge due to the need for rapid responses to the ever-evolving conditions within the massive game board arenas, which transform with each fresh toss of the dice. You may order Lost in Random and become a part of the story created by Adventure Time Award-winning Eisner and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Marvel Comics writer Ryan North.


Is it just us or the graphics of the game are similar to Coraline? Anyhow, this game is incredibly atmospheric. You can feel yourself in the Random kingdom. Graphics are worth every dollar you pay for it since there is no free download. It is well-developed and detailed. It looks like you are in some kind of dark fairy tale. Don’t forget to look around while you are fighting the cursed faith and admire the gothic beauty of all six realms.


The game tells you an exciting story about the cursed Kingdom. To be able to feel yourself a part of it, you have to learn the basic mechanics, which is not that hard. You will need to think fast and act even faster. Lost in Random does not have a mobile version; however, the game is accessible on various consoles, including the PS4 and Xbox. Once the game is downloaded, you'll have access to try out all the features at no cost. There are lots of collectible cards and randomly changed arenas, which make the game everlasting.


  • Advanced cartoonish graphics
  • Creative characters
  • Unique philosophy in the plot
  • High replay value
  • Wide range of collectibles.


  • It is not free
  • You play one character only.
Lost in Random

Lost in Random



This game is more than a simple set of outstanding graphics, advanced mechanics, and lovable characters. It has a well-developed philosophy you can explore. After playing Lost in Random you can think about your own life and whether you wait for something to be brought to you or prefer to change your faith by yourself. The game has only a single-player mode.

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