Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an RPG action game with an open world filled with magic. It was created by Chinese developers miHoYo Limited. It is made in anime style with a gacha system inside, which is called a “pray” in the Genshin Impact. The game was announced in 2019. It recently appeared in the fall of 2020 on the iOS and Windows platforms. Later it appeared on Android. Now players can download Genshin Impact from popular digital stores (Google Play, App Store, Steam).

The Story Inside the Genshin Impact

You play one of the twins who have to find another one. Your name is Traveler, and your twin was captured by some mysterious god. You were put to sleep by the spell. When you wake up, you find yourself in Teywat, the fantasy open world. Seven nations dwell in Teywat. It is ruled by a god. You have to find the twin exploring the open world, meeting multiple creatures and new characters.

Features Genshin Impact Offers

This game quickly became popular. During the last two months, it gained $393 million. Critics and players highly reviewed it for the features Genshin Impact contains. Check them out:

  • You have the freedom to select the character you wish to portray. This option is available even during the battle. Characters have their unique sets of skills;
  • The participant has the opportunity to partake in numerous competitions to win substantial rewards;
  • You may increase your Adventure Rank, which provides you with more quests. Besides, this rank increases the World Level, the measure of your enemies, and the rewards for their deaths;
  • Characters can run, jump, climb, swim, and even glide. Some characters have magical abilities to change the environment, like freezing the water;
  • You can freely explore the open world, gather vegetables, and hunt animals;
  • Players can mine ore and make a weapon from it;
  • There is a multiplayer mode for a team of 4 friends. If you want to play solo, you can still receive a helper who will follow you everywhere;
  • After you complete all the quests of the story, you can open 3 more characters.

Anime-styled Graphics

Genshin Impact is a visual masterpiece. Graphics are bright, colorful, and of high quality. Graphics fidelity is significantly higher compared to other simple open-world games. Rendering of cutscenes takes plays in real-time. Modern technologies that capture any move provide a high resolution. The soundtracks are perfectly suitable to the graphics, and change during the day and night. Music was created by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.




  • Outstanding landscapes
  • Never-ending versatile story
  • The soundtrack matches perfectly the picture
  • Multiple challenges


  • Many services cost money
Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact



Genshin Impact offers single-player and multiplayer modes. It is an open world with a great number of challenges and quests. Attractive graphics lure you into exploring this magical world of Teyvat and offers to meet its dwellers. The game is well developed and interesting to play for all RPG and action genre fans. It is available on mobile platforms, including Android and iOS. You can download it for free from Google Play Store.

What's new?

When Is Genshin Impact 2 Coming Out? Whether you’re wondering if Genshin Impact 2 is ever coming out or just want to know the Genshin Impact 1.6 release date, we’re here to help. Well, the 1.6 update was released on June 9, 2021, so you’re free to download and pillage it whenever you’re up for it! With regard to Genshin Impact 2, we recommend that you take one step at a time here and enjoy the most recent update. We’ll keep you posted on the topic and promise to let you know the details the moment we find out anything.