Eastward is an adventure game about the future filled with a toxic presence in the air. The game was created by Pixpil, Shanghai-based developers. It remains in the early access phase. Eastward will become available for download on September 16, 2021. A limited-time promotional deal is currently available on Steam.


You can’t install Eastward for now. The game is still yet to be released. However, you can preorder Eastward on Steam or the official website. There is a discount for everyone who signs up now. The game invites you to the future, where the toxic air forces everyone to live underground. People live in villages under the surface. However, two unstoppable heroes, a miner, and a small girl, believe that there is hope for the future. They attempt to navigate their way back to the open, fresh air.

Upon placing your order for Eastward, you'll gain access to accompany the duo of explorers on their journey. You'll embark on a global journey via train, encountering fresh faces and combating malevolent forces. Eastward on PC boasts an extensive array of built-in features.

  • You can explore the map using the railway, seeing new towns and villages;
  • Interesting choice of weapon. You can fight the enemies using a frying pan. There are lots of free arsenals available for players;
  • Lots of puzzles to solve. You have to choose the right option to be able to travel across the dungeons;
  • No matter whether you wait Eastward for Xbox or Eastward mobile options, there are things you can’t miss on PC that will be available in a few days. You will meet lots of new characters there;
  • Enjoy the retro beats that guide you through the game. Soundtrack suits the whole gameplay and graphics perfectly.


Eastward has 2D classic graphics with numerous characters you will fall in love with. You will see numerous tunnels and dungeons where your enemies await you. Don’t hesitate to use the weapon from the arsenal available for free download once you buy the game. Cartoonish characters are vivid and well-developed. Additionally, you are intrigued by the idea of navigating the subterranean mazes and discovering the distinct artistic appeal they conceal. Remember to activate the audio to relish the classic rhythms as you stroll about and engage in battles with your adversaries.


Despite being inaccessible on PS4 or Xbox, the game is playable on both PC and Nintendo Switch. Playing the game is enjoyable and it is packed with a multitude of features. It is a single-player and does not require a strong Internet connection after you download it. Game creators provide an extensive selection of weaponry and numerous short missions. You can decide whether you want to follow the story or get distracted by performing a side quest. Also, you can take some time and enjoy the music in the bar with your friends. Eastward offers you a linear and developed story with a deep meaning. It asks you to save the planet or else you will have a gloomy feature. The game is friendly and kind, and you can always play it again.


  • Intuitive controls
  • Does not require Internet
  • Old-school 2D graphics
  • Plot with a message
  • Amazing soundtracks


  • Is not free
  • For single-player only




Eastward has a unique ability to make us think about the consequences of our decisions. It is filled with labyrinths and puzzles you need to solve. Travel around the new underground land together with a young girl and a miner and save humankind.

Image source - store.steampowered.com