Diablo 4

Euphoria rippled through the gaming community as Blizzard Entertainment unveiled the much-awaited fourth installment in the Diablo series. Diablo IV arrived on PC and consoles with much pomp and anticipation, promising an exciting and thrilling adventure for the players.

Gameplay Overview: Redefining a Legend

The game was revealed during BlizzCon 2019, introducing the Necromancer as a fresh character class, accompanying the established favorites- Barbarian, Druid, Rogue, and Sorcerer. Participants could acquire a distinctive assortment of competencies and powers customized for every class, enhancing their character's prowess to transform into a mighty presence. Diablo IV's launch phase was an undeniable success, topping the earnings of its mobile game counterpart, Diablo Immortal, in its initial week and clinching the title of the fastest-selling game ever by Blizzard Entertainment.

Character and Story Progression: A Test of Patience

Despite its initial success, Diablo IV found itself steering through stormy seas shortly after its release. Mechanics issues made the game impossible to play on PS5 at launch, and tragically, the first player who reached level 100 experienced a permanent character loss due to a server disconnect. The requirement to create a new character to engage in the game's first content season, 'Season of the Malignant,’ also left players feeling disgruntled.

Response to Changes: A Torrent of Fury

The ire of the players didn't just dwindle away. The announcement about the first season's stipulations intensified the disgruntlement, leading to a surge of unfavorable reviews on Metacritic. The grievances flared up once again upon a recent patch release that nerfed all the character classes. The once exhilarating gameplay ultimately felt over-complicated and tiresome, sparking speculation around whether this strategy aimed to encourage purchasable XP boosts and time savers.

Community Interaction: A Small Solace

Fortunately, Blizzard Entertainment has not turned a blind eye to the fury of the fanbase. Community manager Adam Fletcher addressed the issue, indicating an imminent Campfire Chat to clarify the recent changes and gather player feedback – a move that, well, may douse some flames of unhappiness.


  • Introduction of a new character class alongside familiar ones
  • Unique set of skills for each class
  • Record-breaking sales at launch.


  • Initial PS5 compatibility issue
  • Server disconnect causing irreversible character loss.
Diablo 4

Diablo 4



In conclusion, Diablo IV is indeed a bag of contrasts. While it brought exciting new gameplay elements and topped sales charts, it also wrestled with technical and structural issues. A dip in player satisfaction and the resultant waves of criticism might be the wake-up call Blizzard Entertainment needs to respond swiftly and address the concerns within their community. After all, the gamers' satisfaction should be paramount.

Image source - www.playstation.com