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Players control a possessed lamb granted powers by an ominous stranger. The lamb must repay this debt by building a loyal following of woodland animals, effectively starting their own cult. The ultimate goal is to venture through diverse and mysterious regions, spread the word of the cult, and establish it as the 'one true cult' in a land of false prophets.
Players are able to gather resources from the environment and the non-believers who challenge their cult. These resources can be used to construct structures for your cult, perform dark rituals to appease unworldly entities, and bolster the faith of your followers through sermons.
Building your flock in Cult of the Lamb involves exploring the sprawling, randomly generated world and converting woodland creatures to your cause. The more followers you have, the stronger your cult will become. You will give sermons to reinforce their faith and strengthen their loyalty to you.
Within the world of Cult of the Lamb, there exist rival cult leaders whom you must defeat to establish dominance. By absorbing their power after their defeat, you assert your cult's dominance and continue your journey to becoming the mighty lamb god.
Yes, Cult of the Lamb offers customization options to players as they construct buildings and other structures for their cult. The resources you collect can be used to shape your cult's physical environment according to your desires.
You may encounter non-believers or hostile entities as you explore. You can choose to confront and cleanse them to potentially gain converts and resources, or you can opt to avoid them.
Dark rituals are part of the cult-building process in this game. These rituals help the player character appease the gods and strengthen the faith of the followers. However, the specific tasks involved in these rituals can vary and part of the game's experience is discovering these for yourself.
Yes, Cult of the Lamb features four mysterious regions for you to explore, each with its own unique characters and challenges. Adventuring through these regions is essential to expanding your cult and discovering the game's secrets.
The world in the Cult of the Lamb is randomly generated, offering a unique experience each time you play. This means you'll be able to explore a wide array of unique environments, critters, and opponents each playthrough.
Becoming the mighty lamb god is a process that involves converting followers, performing rituals, and defeating rival cult leaders. It involves not just building your cult in number, but also in faith, loyalty, and power. As the game progresses and your cult grows in size and strength, you will increasingly embody the might and influence of the lamb god.