Amazing Frog?

Amazing Frog?

Amazing Frog?

Amazing Frog? is a game created by Gee Whiz Entertainment that was released in 1994. The game is a platformer video game, and it was one of the first games developed by the company. Amazing Frog? is a game that is very popular amongst people of all ages. This game is based on a frog that you control and have to make his way up to the top of the screen. The game is played by using the arrow keys to move the frog, and through cracks that appear on the screen. You will have to avoid touching any of the bugs or other animals that are in the game, and you will have to keep to the surface of the water. To obtain the Amazing Frog? navigate to the webpage containing download links. These links have been sourced officially for your convenience.


The player controls a frog named “Froggy”, and the goal is to help him eat flies and jump over obstacles. The game starts in a pond with a fly in the bottom-right corner. When the player jumps, the frog will always float to the top of the screen. However, when the player presses the down button, the frog will fall to the bottom-left corner.

The player can also use the down button to swim to the bottom of the pond. In order to eat flies, the player must be close to them. When the player is near a fly, it will turn into a bubble and the player can eat it by pressing the down button. If the player jumps on a fly, it will not change into a bubble, and the player will miss it. The player must also avoid obstacles such as floating logs and fish that can kill Froggy if he falls on them. If the player falls onto an obstacle, he will lose a life and the screen will restart.

The gameplay consists of a frog that you control and use three arrow keys to move him up the screen. You have to avoid touching any of the bugs or other animals in the game, and you have to keep to the surface of the water.


The graphics of Amazing Frog? consist of two shades of green. The foreground is darker green with a more detailed design, and the background is lighter green with a simpler design. The graphics are very simple in this game, and consist of a green screen with a frog on the surface of the water. Download the Amazing Frog? and enjoy the game!


There is not replayability in Amazing Frog? because the player cannot save their progress.



  • The game has an entertaining and simple gameplay


  • The game is too easy
Amazing Frog?

Amazing Frog?



There is not much to say about this game. It is a classic game that most people have played during their childhood. The game is entertaining and can be played by anyone. The game also has a good design that will keep people entertained.

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