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Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the app that keeps you in touch with your colleagues, partners, friends. It is a popular tool for remote work. The app was created by Microsoft Corporation. It is available on the Android mobile platform as well. This app is free of charge.

Classic Design

The design of Microsoft Teams looks simple and plain. This tool was originally created for group video chats, business conferences, and teamwork. You receive total access to all its services, which are visible and easy to reach. At the same time, there are no colorful backgrounds and unique icons. All the tools are hidden under the standard images, which you can recognize in no time if you have previously used any video chats. Although the icons are recognizable, they are not signed, so if you are new to these services, you may need some time to find out which features are hidden under which icon.

Main Features of Microsoft Teams

The app is the video chat for the team whose main priority is work. The features you have to try:

  • There is an option that allows you to talk with one peer and with the whole team;
  • Audio and video calls are in the HD format;
  • You can grant access to all the documents you want to share with others. The calendars, to-do lists, images, videos are available in the cloud storage;
  • All the conversations are hidden from the audience you don’t invite;
  • There is a smart AI search that quickly provides you with the links you were looking for;
  • The messages you want to receive can be arranged up to your needs. You may also receive push notifications;
  • Your work schedule can be synced with personnel in one calendar.

Safety of Microsoft Teams

This app offers an advanced security level for its users. Microsoft 365 developers claim that all participants of a group chat are protected and have nothing to worry about. The files they exchange are available only for them.  Even if you give access to the files for participants of the conference, all the documents are still secured. The storage is locked. You can keep all the documents you need there.

Simplicity of Use

Microsoft Teams is not that hard to learn. If you have ever used any video chatting apps you will learn all the services Microsoft Teams offers in no time. However, since there are no signs on icons, if you are new to these types of apps, you may need to practice for some time, before creating the video conference with others.


  • Multiple features for video conferences;
  • High level of security;
  • Clear interface;
  • Free of charge;


  • The icons are not signed;

out of 5


Microsoft Teams is a free app for video chats and conferences. It allows exchanging files with your colleagues or students during the conversation or lecture. You can discuss important subjects, build strategies, and work from home with this app. Besides, this is a safe space to speak with your family and friends. The app is simple in use and does not require additional knowledge or skills from you.