Embarking on an epic journey from the depths of the Underworld, Hades invites players to embody Zagreus, the undying Prince, in his quest for freedom. This rogue-like dungeon crawler by Supergiant Games blends the signature attributes of its predecessors into a challenging and enthralling escape saga.

Hades excels in delivering an intoxicating blend of fast-paced combat and strategic gameplay. Each run peels back the layers of the Underworld, offering varied and exhilarating combat scenarios. With the gods of Olympus lending their support through multiple Boons, players can explore a plethora of character builds. These divine gifts bestow players with enhancements that personalize the gameplay, making every escape attempt feel refreshingly distinct.

Hades boasts a stunning tapestry of hand-painted environments, each more captivating than the last. The attention to detail and distinctive art style vividly bring the Underworld to life. Complementing the striking visuals is a blood-pumping original score, which not only accentuates the atmosphere but also keeps the adrenaline flowing during the game's most intense moments.

The game features a fully-voiced ensemble of mythological figures, each with a story to tell. Building relationships with these characters unveils an intricate narrative web steeped in intrigue and familial drama. As players dive deeper into the Underworld, the motivation behind Zagreus' relentless pursuit becomes more profound, underpinned by thousands of potential story events that make each interaction feel unique and consequential.

Hades is constructed for replayability. The ever-evolving halls of the Underworld promise new surprises with each dive, fostering a fresh and challenging experience every time. Bosses adapt and evolve, keeping the encounters daunting. Moreover, the Mirror of Night feature allows for the accumulation of permanent upgrades, ensuring Zagreus grows ever more formidable and preparing players for escalating challenges.

Supergiant Games ensures that victory is not solely the domain of the divinely skilled. Hades appeals to a broad audience with its accessible progression in challenge. However, for those seeking to test their mettle, the game can ramp up the challenge to provide even the most adept gamers with a trial truly worthy of a god.


  • Engaging gameplay with dynamic Boons, leading to numerous build customizations
  • Beautifully crafted hand-painted environments and an electrifying soundtrack
  • A compelling and deep narrative with an impressive, fully-voiced cast
  • High replayability with new surprises and steadily tougher bosses
  • Accessible to both casual players and hard-core gamers looking for a challenge.


  • Some players may find the rogue-like repetition not to their taste
  • The challenge might be too intense for players not accustomed to this genre
  • Limited in-game diversity compared to some sprawling, open-world games.




In the pantheon of rogue-likes, Hades sets itself apart with stellar combat, an engrossing narrative, and relentless replay value. With its rich character interactions and mesmerizing underworld to explore, Supergiant Games' creation is a divine masterpiece that beckons players to delve into its depths time and time again.

Image source - store.steampowered.com