God of War

An ensemble cast of game elements aligns beautifully in the extraordinary masterpiece that is God of War. Much like how the timeless films such as 'The Shining' and 'Jaws' used their individual elements cohesively to create an engulfing experience, God of War follows suit. Unifying components such as storyline, action gameplay, music, and exploration, the game weaves a fantastic tapestry that leaves players spellbound. 

Make Way for the Norse

One of the greatest achievements of God of War that makes it stand out is its rich narrative. Its plot closely interweaves Norse mythology. Every location, challenge, and character fosters a deeper understanding of these tales. Kratos, the protagonist, is beautifully reimagined as he steps into a new Norse-influenced world from his Greek origins, striving to bond with his son, Atreus, following the death of his wife. The beautiful use of continuous camera shots only enhances the narrative, keeping us engrossed in the evolution of their relationship.

Into the Heart of Battle 

Every good game pivots on its gameplay experiences, and God of War, with its clever and strategic combat, leaves gamers enraptured. Despite the use of only a single weapon - the Leviathan Axe, the fluidity and diversity that the combat mechanism allows you to experience is incredible. Kratos' son, Atreus, steps in as an invulnerable sidekick, aiding the battles and contributing significantly to the action.

The Perfect Antidote to the Ordinary 

Games often falter when forcing players to be locked with a sidekick, yet Atreus proves to be more of an asset than a liability. His contribution both in the plot and the battles is immense. The game intelligently uses him to reflect the evolving relationship between him and Kratos.

An Encounter of the Stunning Kind

The visuals in God of War are stunningly beautiful. Be it the detailed outfits of Kratos and Atreus, the grandeur of the game world, or the intimidating foes, everything is projected so stunningly that you cannot help but marvel. The higher the screen resolution, the more pronounced the graphics become, further enriching your game experience.

The Tapestry of Tantalizing Lore

God of War's world opens up progressively, keeping it an exciting hunt for various Norse myths. The rewarding collectibles you earn along the journey into the numerous terrains of the game's world ignite the explorer and the adventurer in you. Not only the game’s main story but also the optional quests and areas enhance the understanding and appreciation of these myths.


  • Beautifully woven narrative that incorporates Norse mythology
  • Intense and stimulating gameplay
  • Stunning graphics and attention to detail
  • Immersive world to explore that encourages exploration
  • Well-fleshed-out, complex characters that evolve through the game


  • The game runs at 30 frames per second, lower than the 60 frames most action games offer
  • Occasional framerate issues while swerving the camera or fighting in crowded areas
  • Insufficient scenes featuring the main antagonist
God of War

God of War



In conclusion, God of War is a thrilling voyage through a world rich in Norse mythology. It triumphs in every aspect, whether it be the captivating narrative, the strategic and intense battles, or the splendidly detailed world. Despite minor issues concerning framerate, the experience it offers is unmatched, making it a must-play for any gamer. It’s an enthralling ensemble of game elements that make it nothing short of a masterpiece.

Image source - store.steampowered.com