Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a vibrant and competitive game brought to life by Mediatonic Studio. The game soared in popularity upon its release, sparking curiosity about the factors driving its success and the duration of its hype. Initially, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was made available for Windows and PlayStation 4, with plans to extend to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and expected releases on Android, iOS, PS 5, and Xbox X/S. Those interested can obtain the game at no cost from the official website's download section.

Understanding Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

What's behind all the buzz? Essentially, Fall Guys is an energetic compilation of mini-games where players go head-to-head in comical and absurd challenges. Each game begins with 60 competitors, with elimination rounds progressively reducing the player count until the final showdown.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout quickly rose to prominence, dominating Steam and Twitch charts, and even overtaking gaming giants like Warframe and Destiny 2 temporarily. This unexpected surge in popularity led the developers to pause game access and new account registrations to enhance server stability.

Diving into Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Gameplay

On starting Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, players dive into deceptively straightforward gameplay. You'll embody a squishy, jelly bean-like avatar, engaging in whimsical contests that echo the zany spirit of unconventional Japanese game shows.. Each game session consists of random rounds at different locations, with a variety of randomly selected challenges. Some rounds may involve racing to the finish line, while others might focus on navigating obstacles, contributing to the game's unpredictable nature.

Players will encounter both race and arena challenges. In races, participants sprint to the end, maneuvering past barriers to finish first. Arena challenges vary, from team-based soccer matches to hoop-jumping competitions akin to circus acts. Some levels feature a dynamic grid of disappearing tiles, where the objective is to outlast the competition.

The game features rapid gameplay and bursts with vivid imagery. The simplicity means no need for advanced strategies—here, everyone competes on equal footing without cheats. However, the experience can be dampened by network interruptions, as the developers initially didn't anticipate the high volume of players, sometimes resulting in in-game disconnects.

Updates and Notices

  • Fall Guys will not be released on legacy consoles like PS3 or Xbox 360.
  • The mobile version of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is in development; however, an official Android APK is not yet available.
  • Season 4.5 is the current update available for Fall Guys.
  • While the game is typically paid, there are occasional sales or discount events where it can be grabbed for free or at a reduced price.
  • To access Fall Guys Season 5, players must await the conclusion of the current season.
  • It is advised to avoid downloading seasons of Fall Guys from torrent sites due to the potential risks of malware.


  • Chaotic but fun gameplay
  • Bright picture
  • Large selection of modes
  • Quick selection of opponents for matches


  • Crashes occasionally
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout



Ultimate Knockout is a very fun battle royale, and it will rock you with its simplicity. This game is just fun to spend time and this is the whole point of the popularity of this project. Because many people are tired of the endless failures of games in the AAA category, so sometimes you just want to spend a couple of evenings in a not too intrusive game that is simply designed to relax.

What's new?

If you want to play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on PC, you can download it from Steam Store or enter the official website. The game was originally developed for PS 4 and Windows PC. In 2021, the game became available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox X/S series. You can play the game on Xbox 360, PS3, and PS5, using the installer. As for the Android APK and iOS versions, developers still haven’t shared their plans.
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