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Yes, it is. No fee is charged the moment you download the launcher or install the app.
It has an official website, linked here, and is available on the respective web stores for mobile platforms.
This is a mobile application available to Android and Apple (iOS) device users.
Since this is a banking app, it doesn’t have particularly stringent requirements for smooth operation. Android users need to make sure their OS version is no less than 2.2.
Yes, the application can be used to submit check deposits in a quick and convenient way using your device’s camera.
The amount of your total check deposit is limited to 2,000 USD a day and 5,000 USD over a month.
Not if the check has been cashed in. In such a case, the payment cannot be reversed.
Yes. Each transaction’s interface has a Dispute Charge option which you can use if you find it suspicious.
Yes, it’s possible to use the app to verify your card. The necessary tools are found under My Accounts.
Just like with the website, you can get a bonus for referring a friend to get a card you also own.