Amazon Music for Artists

Amazon Music for Artists is a brand new professional service by Amazon that is designed to provide musicians and music producers with comprehensive statistics on their releases. If your songs or albums are sold on Amazon Prime Music, you can see the real figures on the number of fans and their activities. The software is functional across all desktop browsers and is compatible with mobile devices that operate on either iOS or Android platforms.

A Way to Dig In

Using Amazon Music for Artists, you can receive comprehensive statistics from Amazon Prime Music servers. The data includes way more statistics than the number of fans and their favorite tracks. The intelligence of the algorithms powering the statistics extends beyond merely supplying raw data; they also offer insightful conclusions that can enhance the quality of your content. Additionally, they provide guidance that could alter your promotional strategies and the way you advertise your gigs. The platform can identify your real fans and even tell you an approximate number of people who may wish to visit your concerts on an upcoming tour. The app can also analyze how your recordings travel between playlists and stations on the Amazon Music app to let you understand the overall level of exposure and the overall viral rating of your tracks.

Of course, these stats aren’t perfect, and you will need the experience to understand them right, but it’s quite clear that the platform improves every month, and data scientists behind it work really hard. If you don’t understand the stats well enough, the comprehensive FAQ section will help you a lot.

Live Streaming

The platform is connected to Twitch so that you can create a Twitch account to bring live streams directly to your fans on the Amazon Music app. It’s an excellent way to boost engagement and communicate with your audiences more closely.

For Better Production

The insights you get from this app can be used for content quality improvement. If you are a music producer or a newcomer who doesn’t understand the audience yet, you should apply the app to have a more comprehensive market analysis. Such information used to be quite expensive, but now it’s totally free.


  • Comprehensive statistic on your tracks, albums, and fans
  • Easy to overview the statistics
  • Available on all mobile and desktop platforms
  • Free access for artists
  • Unbiased industry insights


  • It needs some more insights, but the developer promises to provide them soon
Amazon Music for Artists

Amazon Music for Artists



Amazon Music for Artists is a must-have instrument that is called to provide you with an objective picture of your success on the Amazon Music platform. Here you can literally get in touch with all your fans and understand what they like the most and what catches their attention. It’s much easier to create high-quality content if you know what your fans enjoy the most about your creations. You can download Amazon Music for Artists on the App Store, Amazon Appstore, and Google Play for free.

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