TeamViewer for Remote Control

TeamViewer for Remote Control is a cross-platform utility by the TeamViewer team. Similar to the classic TeamViewer, this app is designed for sharing device info in real-time, but with a huge focus on the remote control. Once you receive the password from another user, you can control his or her device to complete any request.

All Systems

You can use TeamViewer for Remote Control to interconnect devices independently from the operating system installed on them. Smartphones and tablets that run Android or iOS can be used for controlling Windows, macOS, and Linux computers and vice versa. Sensitive information is secure, as it is protected using 256-bit AES encryption, thus eliminating concerns regarding data vulnerability. You don’t have to hide it if you trust your remote assistant.

No Experience Needed

The control layouts are designed to be instinctive, allowing you to effortlessly operate them without the need for acclimatization, even upon your initial encounter. The app supports gestures of each operating system, so it’s effortless to adjust to it. Connecting devices is also very easy as you only have to generate and paste passwords from the TeamViewer QuickSupport app. All the keys are protected by RSA 1024-bit encryption, so it’s impossible to steal them.

The user interface also adds up simplicity and doesn’t interfere with the process. All you need for the app buttons is to get access or allow it. Even the built-in chat doesn’t make it uncomfortable to work and chat at the same time. The only feature that may annoy you is the necessity to install an additional application for password generation. It’s not clear why the developers couldn’t integrate it into the main app as they did in the desktop version.

Contacts & Files

TeamViewer for Remote Control can become a part of your company’s communications. There’s an option to create a list of contacts and have a shared file system between an unlimited number of users. Due to this feature, you can transfer large files, settings presents, and anything else via a secure integrated file transfer system. This means you don’t need any extra messengers and file exchange services to get the most from this app.


  • It’s very easy to link different operating systems
  • High-quality real-time streaming
  • Excellent for remote server control
  • You can chat inside the stream
  • Remote control for any device


  • Need sensitivity control settings
  • Requires a separate password generator app (on iOS and Android)
TeamViewer for Remote Control

TeamViewer for Remote Control



TeamViewer for Remote Control is currently the most advanced utility for gaining stable and secure remote control over any mobile device or computer. The service is recommended for system administrators, software/hardware product support teams, and individuals who run specific projects that may require remote access. Actually, the scope of application is almost unlimited. You can download the utility for any device for free on the official website or App Store and Google Play if you’re using a mobile device for remote access.

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