• Kayla Cruz
  • 24 Dec 2021
The Wheel of Time Gear Enters New World Poster

The Wheel of Time Gear Enters New World

Amazon's best-selling MMORPG New World is going to receive new items from Amazon Prime Video’s best-seller The Wheel of Time. According to Amazon’s official statement, fans will be able to receive these items via the streams on Twitch. While it looks like Amazon is providing more services to Amazon from Amazon… oh… and by Amazon, these items are still worthy to check out.

Twitch’s streams you need to watch in order to receive cool items will start on December 24. Wait for them at 12 am ET. It will contain the parties from the first season finale of The Wheel of Time. If you want to earn all the items from the TV show you have to watch the whole first season with its eight episodes. Relax, it may not take more than 7 hours of your time. For those devoted fans who survived the marathon, Amazon will generously share goodies to the New World game. You will find there cloaks from Children of the Light and Red Ajah, heron-marked blade of Tam, a sword made by Trollocs, and outstanding outfits of Nynaeve and Ewgene. Amazon promises the chance to receive a crest with the ouroboros logo of Wheel of Times which you will be able to use during the companies in the game.

It looks like the event is one of the kind, especially for the New World. It is a part of the Winter Convergence festival. Players also need to have Twitch. The announcement on the New World’s official page says that you will earn more if you watch more. You will have to sign up to the Twitch account and link it with the profile of New World to receive rewards. Don’t forget to enable Twitch drops before you begin the watching marathon of The Wheel of Time.

Are you watching The Wheel of Time TV show? Have you read the books it is based on? Will you watch the marathon together with Amazon? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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