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  • Kayla Cruz
  • 10 Jul 2024
Maximizing Your Potential: Perfecting Shiny Nidoran Female in Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour Poster

Maximizing Your Potential: Perfecting Shiny Nidoran Female in Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour

The current week's Spotlight Hour in Pokémon Go is a rerun for the Poison Pin Pokémon, providing an excellent opportunity to capture a shiny Nidoran Female. Nidoran and its evolution, Nidorina, may not significantly impact raid battles, but its final evolution, Nidoqueen, holds importance in the Go Battle League.

Catching as many Nidoran as possible is the goal for this week’s Spotlight Hour, not just for the potential to find a shiny PVP Pokémon but also due to the double catch Stardust bonus that comes with the event. Given Nidoqueen’s relevance in the Go Battle League, obtaining a perfect one requires more than just a standard four-star Pokémon; it depends on what stats you seek.

Nidoran Female 100% Perfect IV Stats in Pokémon Go

This week’s Spotlight Hour presents a great chance to catch a female Nidoran with perfect IV stats. Achieving 'perfect' in Pokémon Go involves two interpretations. The first is attaining a 100% IV version with stats of 15/15/15, ideal for the 4* Pokédex, raids, and Master League. However, due to CP calculation based on three stats, the perfect IV Pokémon is optimal only in the Master League. A perfect Nidoqueen in the Great League registers a max CP of 1492 at Level 21. In contrast, a perfect Go Battle League IV Nidoqueen (0/15/12) hits a max CP of 1499 at Level 23. In a direct match, the higher-level Pokémon is likely to win.


Determining IV of a Pokémon requires capture first, but with some research, you can estimate if it’s the one you’re after based on CP. Trainers at Level 30 and above should aim for specific CP values for a perfect 15/15/15 Nidoran Female. These wild CP values correspond with your Trainer Level until Level 30. Given that most players are above this level, the stated CP values aim for simplicity, though they vary if you're below Level 30.

Is Nidoqueen Good in PVP?

Nidoqueen performs excellently in the Great League. Though no longer the top Poison-type attacker, it remains a strong contender with moves like Poison Jab, Poison Fang, and Earth Power as a second charged move. Its spammy and flexible nature applies significant shield pressure, making it a valuable asset against Pokémon such as Azumarill and Medicham and the less common Charjabug, Serperior, and Lanturn. For a 'perfect Go Battle League IV' Nidoqueen, aim for a 0/15/12 stat configuration.

In the Ultra League, Nidoqueen needs slightly altered stats of 0/14/15, allowing for victories against notable opponents like Cobalion, Virizion, Tapu Fini, Poliwrath, and Registeel. However, it struggles against Pokémon such as Swampert, Cresselia, Giratina Altered, Steelix, and Talonflame. Lastly, Nidoqueen does not fare well in the Master League and should be avoided for those looking to win consistently.

Is There a Shiny Nidoran Female in Pokémon Go?


A shiny Nidoran Female in Pokémon Go is available since the Female Day event in October 2018. If you're lucky, you might catch one, which can evolve into a shiny Nidorina and eventually a shiny Nidoqueen. While shiny rates are not boosted for this event, each Nidoran you encounter has the potential to be shiny. It's a numbers game—tap every Nidoran you see and hope for the best.

What Does Shiny Nidoran Female Look Like?

Shiny Nidoran Female features a pleasant pink color, resembling its shiny male counterpart, which turns blue when shiny.

Other Reasons to Catch as Many Nidoran Females as Possible

Beyond hunting for a shiny Nidoran Female, there are other reasons to engage in this week's Spotlight Hour. The event offers bonus XP and Stardust for an hour from 6PM to 7PM (local time). Future Spotlight Hours will feature Pokémon like Vulpix, Poliwag, Snorunt, and Hippopotas, each providing double catch XP. Good luck on your quest to find the perfect Nidoran Female!

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