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  • Kayla Cruz
  • 28 Jan 2022
Explore the Possibilities of Your Nintendo Switch Poster

Explore the Possibilities of Your Nintendo Switch

We hope you haven’t missed the launch of a new Nintendo Switch OLED. Even if you have, you can still plug in your old Switch or Switch Lite to enjoy some fun games. You might not know, but there are quite some useful tips that will make your time using this device even more interesting.

 1. Locate a Lost Joy-Con

Don’t worry if you can’t find your Joy-Con on a couch: the Switch will help you find it in no time. You just need to click on the Controllers button on the main screen and then go to the Find Controllers option. Upon clicking it, any paired Joy-Con or controller will produce a vibration that you surely can feel or hear.

2. Pair Bluetooth Devices

The Switch does have a Bluetooth option, and you can easily connect your favorite headphones with noise cancelation to play some games in comfort. Just go to System settings > Bluetooth Audio > Pair Device.

3. Control Your TV

The Switch can actually turn on your TV! It is easy to connect it to the device with Settings > TV Settings > Match TV Power State. Take note that not every screen works with the Switch.

4. Make Friends

Before starting to play with your friends, you will need to go through the process of getting their friend code. To do it, you should head to your Mii picture and then click Add Friend. In the Search with Friend Code, you enter their numbers. Complete! Now you need to make sure that you both have the game you’ve wanted to play. Unfortunately, playing online multiplayer requires a Nintendo Online subscription.

5. Use Voice Chat

To use this feature, you will have to download the Switch Online mobile phone app. Once it’s done, all players can connect to the same room and enjoy chatting.

6. See Your Progress

If you ever wondered how much time you spent looking for a specific artifact or beating a boss, you can easily check it. Go to your Mii picture, switch to Profile, and there you will be shown the estimated time you’ve spent playing a particular game. If you have any friends, there you can also see what games they’ve been playing recently.

7. Save Energy and Battery

You might’ve noticed that your Screen time severely reduces your battery. While the Switch is on the dock, it’s no problem, but if you leave it in handheld mode, the screen can work for 10 more minutes. To lessen the amount of battery your device loses every time, go to System Settings > Sleep Mode > Auto-Sleep, and there you can manually change the amount of time after which the Switch goes to sleep.

8. Make Weird Sound on the Unlock Screen

If you press the button three times, the Switch unlocks, right? Well, try pushing the right and left control sticks, ZL trigger, and ZR trigger to hear unusual funny noises, such as a clown horn. You can also try applying different amounts of pressure in any location to notice that the clicky noise goes higher or deeper pitched depending on your touch.

9. Transfer Saves to a New Switch

If you got a new Switch OLED, don’t worry about missing all of the saves from your previous device. It is quite easy to log in to your old profiles, re-store game save data, and some screen recordings to the new console.

10. Attach a USB Keyboard

Try turning around your Switch dock, and you will see that there are three USB ports. That means that you can plug in an available USB keyboard to the console and use it to type in words in search or passwords.

Make Your Time Fun  

Nintendo Switch has multiple interesting and convenient features that you can use at any time. Here we explored only some of them, and we will continue to look for new ones. What other tips on Nintendo Switch exploitation would you like to see? Do you use these life-hacks often? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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