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  • Ryan Gutierrez
  • 01 Jan 2022
Easy Way to Refund Games on Steam Poster

Easy Way to Refund Games on Steam

Are you wondering whether it is possible to return your money back if you did not like the game you’ve bought on Steam? The answer is Yes. You can return the game under specific circumstances. To do it properly, follow these simple instructions.

About Steam

If you have never bought or downloaded free games from Steam, you may be a total newbie in the gaming world. This portal is one of the most safest and trustable marketplaces that sell games directly from developers. It was created in 2003 and since that time it offers games for Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. There are more than 30,000 games that are currently on sale. Official statistics reveal that over 95 million people use Steam every month.

Steam offers both paid games and free ones. To buy the game there you have to create your personal account. This way Steam will also know whether you are 18 years old already and can enter games like GTA or not. Once you create your account you can choose the best way to pay for games and will be able to download games directly from Steam after you complete the payment procedure.
After you buy the game, it is yours forever. Even if you accidentally deleted it or just want to come back to it years later, just return to this game on Steam and download it again for free. The game is there, in your library.

There is another situation that may happen with anyone on Steam. You paid for the game, tried it for a couple of minutes, and realized that you don’t like it at all. Of course, you can blame bad reviews for that, but who will give back your money? It turns out that Steam can do this. This is how you can do it.

Return Policy on Steam

Steam offers you an opportunity to return the game back and receive your money even after you’ve purchased it. However, to do it, your situation has to meet basic requirements from the store. If the game is compatible with the return policy, you can get a refund. In rare cases, if you don’t meet the conditions of Steam’s return policy, the support team may still help you. You need to contact them directly and describe the situation, so they can decide whether it is possible to help you or not.


  • You can ask for a refund for any game you’ve bought for numerous reasons. If your PC does not meet the requirements of the game, you bought it by mistake, or did not like it;
  • You played the game no more than 2 hours before you understood that you don’t like the game;
  • The game must be bought during the last 2 weeks no earlier;
  • You need to send a request to and wait for the response. If your request is made in the limited return period of time and played less than 2 hours, you may expect your money back;
  • The full refund will be sent to you in a week on your Steam Wallet. You will no longer have access to the game;
  • The game purchase is refundable for 48 hours only.

Step-by-Step Instruction

Follow these steps to return your money back on Steam. Before you do it, check out whether your particular situation meets the basic requirements of the store. The standard way to get a refund:

  • Enter and log in to your personal account on Steam;
  • Find “A Purchase” and click on it;
  • Search for the name of the game or any other item you want to turn back. If the game is not there, it does not belong to the standard refunding policy;
  • Pick the reason for refunding;
  • Click on the button “I’d like to request a refund”;
  • Fill the form with details on refunding and wait for the money.

Getting Refund in No Time

Steam is an official seller for multiple games, which means that there is no cheating, and always a high level of security. Once you buy the game, you need to be honest with why you want to return it. Have you ever returned the game on Steam? Share your experience in the comments below.

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