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  • Kayla Cruz
  • 20 Sep 2021
Accessories to Make Your Home a Gaming Heaven Poster

Accessories to Make Your Home a Gaming Heaven

Got a console and a good TV? Or a PC with a decent monitor? It seems enough for gaming, but only on the basic level. To maximize the pleasure, you may need extra accessories that will complete the environment.

Home is the place where you can relax and give in to your favorite virtual adventure. Don’t worry about the size: a decent table or TV stand is enough for all you need. Some of these accessories are a must for console lovers, others make sense when used with a PC. But let’s start with the most versatile ones.

Gaming Chair

It’s the most versatile and the most necessary accessory for a gamer. A decent chair will grant you the right posture and the right distance from the screen. You can put your gamepads and headsets on it, lay back and relax, or get up quickly if necessary. Adjust parameters like height or angle. And purchase a footrest if necessary (soon you will find it is). 


If your power suddenly goes off, it can’t get any worse for your game. In single-player games, it can save your progress – literally. Even the weakest UPS provides you up to ten minutes – quite enough to save the game and turn off the computer correctly. Connect your router to one, and in most situations, it will prevent you from going offline without a goodbye. 

Electric Extension Cord with More Outlets

There are always too many devices to power. A tower. A monitor. An audio system. A mobile charger – just in case. An extra light. A mixer if you are streaming. An amplifier if you are an audiophile among gamers. They all need power. A good extension cord with multiple outlets will do the trick. Especially if it has built-in USB ports, so you can connect lights, hubs, mobile devices, or gamepads directly to it.

Pro Keyboard

Gaming keyboards have some features to make the gaming experience the most comfortable. Changeable caps (WASD and numbers highlighted), mechanical switches, lighting options, solid feel… And yes, they are greater for texts than regular ones. 

Pro Mouse

Basically, any PC, desktop or laptop, comes with an input device. A good pro mouse, though, is precious. Features of a modern one can include adjustable weight and glides, programmable buttons, DPI switch, replaceable cords, and many options unthinkable for office mice. The choice is just enormous.

Gamepads and Charging Docks

A gamepad goes with every console. But you may still want to buy one or two separately. For a PC, it’s a great enhancement. On consoles, an extra one enables you to play with a friend or a family member locally. Finally, you may just want an advanced version of your controller. It’s a great idea to have a charging dock for gamepads, so they don’t go off in the middle of the match.

Steering Wheel

It’s an accessory for racing games mostly, but not only. For example, when playing the iconic GTA V, you may get extra kicks from switching controllers depending on whether you’re driving or walking. Not all games support it, but that’s okay.

Standalone Mic

A great idea if you don’t want your controller to hold its feedback because of the built-in mic. And it’s greater for streaming if you’re into it seriously. It’s a dangerous path, though: then you may want a mixer, a separate acoustic set, a recording booth…

5.1 Headset

If you have no room for 5.1 acoustics, a USB 5.1 headset will be the perfect option. With it, you won’t bother anyone around while enjoying the most advanced soundscapes. These headsets usually come with the original software for Windows and Mac, but there are console-compatible models as well.

Computer Glasses

Long sessions impact your eyesight. If you want to avoid (or at least delay) the inevitable visit to a doctor, you may want to protect your eyes. These accessories have been popular in the 1990s when monitors radiated heavier, but pro-gamers may require them even now.

Gamer’s Paradise

If you wish, you can find more accessories to make you happy – from cable organizers to gamepads with a can holder. The imagination of the vendors knows no limits. But this set is very basic for a gamer who wants to get the best from their consoles or PC.

Have you discovered anything new? Or maybe you know some accessory we’ve forgotten? Then drop a comment down here, we’ll be glad to read it. You can also share the article on Facebook, Twitter, etc. for your friends to read it too.

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