• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 21 Nov 2022
Writing Songs in The Sims 4: Live Out Your Musical Fantasies in the Game Poster

Writing Songs in The Sims 4: Live Out Your Musical Fantasies in the Game

If you have always wanted to write songs and play musical instruments but never got around to it in real life, you can bring your fantasies to life in The Sims game.

The Sims is known for allowing people to participate in all kinds of activities and take on new professions. One such activity is writing music and sharing it with others in the world of the game.

What is fun about the game is the realistic aspect. To be able to write good songs, your character has to practice and improve their skills. They have to get a certain instrument and play it often to progress. If you want to write a song, your Sim has to achieve skill level 8 for a certain instrument. This applies to a specific instrument, so if you learn how to play one, this skill will not be applied to another one. If you want to play instruments other than the available piano, violin, or guitar, you have to use mods or download expansions.

When your Sim achieves level 8 in a certain instrument, you can choose the ‘Write Song’ option that will become available. It will be possible to choose from several genre options, from happy songs to more melancholic melodies.

In the game, it takes about 12 hours to write a single song. In most cases, it means that the song will not be finished in just one sitting. Players have an opportunity to hit pause and get back to writing whenever they have time. It is a good idea not to start several songs at once, as this will only cause potential confusion and issues in the game.

When a song is complete, it can be added to the collection of playable tracks. Licensing the song in the game will allow Sims to turn their songwriting from a hobby to an income source.

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