• Kayla Cruz
  • 20 May 2021
Will Nintendo Switch Owners Get Genshin Impact at All? Poster

Will Nintendo Switch Owners Get Genshin Impact at All?

One of the most iconic RPG recently, Genshin Impact is available on most platforms – mobile devices, PC, and game consoles… except Nintendo Switch. And so will it be for who knows what. The rumors have it that the game may never appear on Switch at all.

It’s been announced in January 2020 that the developers were already working to get the game on the most unusual console. Yet as for May 2021, it remains a dream. Some say the release is delayed due to weak performance of Nintendo Switch. Nevertheless, Genshin Impact is quite playable on mobile devices that are way less powerful in terms of performance and have similar touchscreen controls.

The suggestion may be true, though, because Genshin Impact receives updates constantly, and the requirements may grow along with it, making some phones and tablets unable to handle it. If the same is foreseen for Nintendo Switch in the nearest future, it makes no sense to release the game that’s doomed to fail to update. Instead, there is a chance the game will make it to Nintendo Switch Pro, which will make Genshin Impact an instant selling point for it. Not that Switch Pro needs more reasons to attract new buyers (Nintendo will rather be unable to satisfy the demand, like Sony is now with PS5), but it’s still one.

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