• Kayla Cruz
  • 23 Jun 2024
Wesley Snipes Jokes About Blade Reboot Delays Amid Director Departures Poster

Wesley Snipes Jokes About Blade Reboot Delays Amid Director Departures

Films typically take much shorter time to produce than video games. As a result, the term 'development hell' is not thrown around as often in the film industry. It is quite rare for a film to remain in production for several years, though exceptions do exist. Take, for instance, Francis Ford Coppola's Megalopolis, which has been 40 years in the making. Another potential candidate for this list is the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Blade.

The film, which is set to feature a half-vampire battling hellspawn and other vampires, is itself experiencing a grueling production process. A myriad of names have been associated with this movie, including writer, director, and producer. However, many have departed the project due to scheduling conflicts or creative differences. Despite plans to begin shooting soon, yet another director has exited the film.

Yann Demage has left the director's position, raising the question of who will take over the role and whether the film will start shooting as planned or face yet another delay.

This rather amusing situation has led Wesley Snipes, the original Blade, to humorously comment on the situation on social media. In his post, Snipes alluded to the continual search for the perfect formula and the challenges faced, humorously likening it to riding snowmobiles in traffic and highlighting how Daywalkers (a reference to Blade's character) make it seem effortless.

Given all of these developments, do you still hold high expectations for the Mahershala Ali-led Blade film?

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