• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 28 Feb 2022
TikTok Is Publishing Tips and Insights for Marketers Poster

TikTok Is Publishing Tips and Insights for Marketers

TikTok has released a new report regarding major user trends to help marketers gain a better understanding of how to maximize their profits while using their app. ‘What’s Next’ is a 35-page report on the changing user interests, brand trends, and case studies that help develop the most refined marketing strategy. The full guide can be accessed by anyone on TikToks’s official website, but in this article, we would like to discuss certain aspects of it.

The majority of information in this guide is centered around trending topics, related hashtags, conversation growth, etc. For example, the new popular hashtags include #selfcare, #transformation, #asmr, #blackgirlmagic, and #oddlysatisfying. On the other hand, hashtags that are rapidly gaining popularity include #momsoftiktok, #nailart, #lashes, #dermdoctor, and #grwm.

Case study examples are also included for every trend followed by general brand notes, and a more in-depth analysis of the posts that are gaining the users’ attention. ‘Tips for brands’ provide very concrete and specific information on the topics that are popular right now and how to capitalize on their popularity. For example, before-and-after reveals, self-love moments, behind-the-scenes content are particularly liked by the users.

The top trends that are highlighted in the report include:

  • Gaming culture

  • Financial services

  • Recipes and food videos

  • The power of co-creation

  • Self-care champions

So if you work in any of these fields, it would be well worth your time to download this guide and familiarize yourself with their insights.

Do you analyze the latest trends when choosing topics for your next TikTok videos? Is it a good idea to do so much analysis or should TikTok videos come ‘from the heart’? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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