• Kayla Cruz
  • 04 Jul 2022
The Sims 4 Adds “Virtual Thrift Store” by Depop in the High School Expansion Poster

The Sims 4 Adds “Virtual Thrift Store” by Depop in the High School Expansion

The Sims 4 seems forever young with constant expansion, and the best expansion get their own extra content too. The recently released High School Years expansion now gets a new feature: a thrift shop sponsored and supported by the real-life company Depop. It functions like any real-life thrift store but within the economy of The Sims 4.

The expansion itself is focused on teenager life, which defines its content. Teenage Sims within this expansion are all about socializing and popularity, public image and appearance. The way you look is the integral element of it all, so no wonder many elements of the expansion revolve around clothes. And, of course, around money. The thrift shop is where you meet both, so you can make investments into your social capital and influence.

Now, a character can aim for becoming a Simfluencer which brings them social capital as well as an influx of Simoleons. But this, among all, requires great outfits, because what they see is what you get. To get literally dressed for success, you can use this thrift store and find the most unexpected clothes that will fit your overall style.

And here comes the collaboration. The outfits you can purchase in this store are indeed designed by Depop partners, like Lapoze McTribouy, Sha’an d’Anthes, or Selena Williams. Real-life trends make their way to life simulators. It’s not clear yet whether the collections will be updated and if so, how frequently. But even the initial selection is quite impressive. Real-life is now brand-heavy, anyway, and reflecting it in simulators only makes them more realistic.

The expansion will arrive on July 28 and is already available for pre-ordering. Have you already preordered High School Years? If so, will you visit the store? How do you like the idea of it and the expansion in general? Welcome to the comments where you can share your impressions!


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