• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 14 Mar 2022
Telegram Updates Streaming, Downloads, and File Management Poster

Telegram Updates Streaming, Downloads, and File Management

The recent update of Telegram proves its abilities far beyond your regular messenger. With it, Telegram receives a more advanced download manager, enables live streaming, and introduces new ways to manage files. And it’s not everything that the March update delivers to users, making Telegram a more versatile social media.

 As real-time news will get more important, Telegram now provides its users with the ability to stream live videos. Instead of introducing its own streaming tools, Telegram provides compatibility with OBS Studio, XSplit Broadcaster, and other popular tools for stream management. Now, Telegram is not only your best newspaper but your best TV as well.

 Another innovation is a download manager. As you are downloading a large file, the download is shown in the right part of the search bar, as a circular icon similar to that in Microsoft Edge. Not only can you pause or resume downloads as you tap this icon. There you also can control download priority. A conspicuous mind may see it as a response to recent sanctions against Russia that cut it from licensed content and thus increase the need for piracy tools.

 If you often send multiple files, you will appreciate the new attachment menu. Now you can easily rearrange photos and videos if you send many of them at once. The menu now also reintroduces the camera tool. From the Files menu, you can quickly access files recently received or sent; hard to overrate this new feature.

 Android users can also enjoy semi-transparent headers, so you can see shades of photos and texts through them. Not that useful, but well beautiful. iOS users have had it since July 2021.

 Which of these new features do you consider the most useful? Have you tried streaming already? Do you often download large files on Telegram? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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