Saluting Goodbye to Online Services of Forza Horizon 1 and 2 Come August

  • Ryan Gutierrez
  • 28 Jun 2023
Saluting Goodbye to Online Services of Forza Horizon 1 and 2 Come August Poster

The race is indeed over! In a recent announcement, Microsoft has revealed goodbye plans for the online support of the globally popular racing games - Forza Horizon and Forza Horizon 2. The curtain is falling in August this year, signaling a close to a significant chapter in the history of the famed racing franchise.

Fans of the combined arcade racing and festival-goer experience will have noted Microsoft’s announcement about the discontinuation of both games’ online services. This decision impacts players worldwide, putting a close to online multiplayer modes, social activities, and other online-related features. 

For various online and Xbox Live features, the blow is sure to hit dedicated racers. Notably, the multiplayer lobbies will be the first to go, putting an end to the adrenaline-fuelled head-to-head competitions among players globally. Other features destined for shuttering include Rivals mode, and some of the online achievements may also be unreachable.

However, it’s not all sad news. The announcement clarified that players’ offline experiences will remain unaffected. Therefore, solo drivers can continue to enjoy the single-player elements such as the campaign missions, exploring the open world, and more. This allows fans to get a feeling of the treasured realm still.

The end may be near for Forza Horizon 1 and 2's online services, but its legacy remains intact. They served as precursors for a franchise that has gone on to stellar success with Horizon 3 and Horizon 4, and soon, Horizon 5. It’s time to bid these trailblazers a fond farewell – their contribution has been instrumental in the evolution and success of the Forza Horizon series. Their end marks a new dawn; we’re excited about what the new horizons hold for this critically acclaimed franchise.

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