• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 31 Aug 2023
Newly Launched: Nintendo Switch Red OLED Model Poster

Newly Launched: Nintendo Switch Red OLED Model

Nintendo just concluded the special Direct for their forthcoming 2D side-scrolling platform adventure, Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The new game features the renowned plumber and his allies on a mission to save the Flower Kingdom's inhabitants from the villainous Bowser. Aside from introducing new features such as badges, power-ups, characters and playing modes (solo, local multiplayer or online), the company surprised fans with a special reveal at the presentation's end.

This revelation confirmed speculations that were floating around yesterday. As indeed, there will be a special edition red OLED Nintendo Switch model (Mario edition). This model includes a red dock and details like a miniature silhouette of Mario etched into a corner and some coins embossed on the back of the charging base. The JoyCon itself lacks additional details, but it will surely enhance the collection of any Mario aficionados who may also possess the Nintendo DSi XL released on the plumber's 25th anniversary.

The Mario edition Nintendo Switch OLED red model is set to hit the market on October 6th. Its retail price remains unconfirmed, but it is likely to cost around 360 euros, similar to the pricing of other special edition consoles like Splatoon 3, Pokémon Scarlet, The Legend of Zelda and Violet.

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