• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 29 Aug 2022
New Google Meet Digital Backgrounds Will Process Motion Better Poster

New Google Meet Digital Backgrounds Will Process Motion Better

One of the most attractive features of today’s video conferencing systems is the virtual green screen. The algorithms remove the background and replace it with any image you find suitable. And the recent update of Google Meet improved this technology even more. If you work from home or just like to color up your video conversations, you will appreciate this update.

The updated Google Meet improves the crucial aspects of its virtual green screen, such as background blur (in case you just want to conceal your environment but leave it intact otherwise), background replace (as if you’re speaking from a tropical island or centuries-old forest while you’re actually in your room), or immersive background and styles (developed by Google itself, featuring animation, dynamic lighting, and real weather in your location).

Another important aspect is cloud processing of the effects. This will be a great way for those with potato PC or old smartphones to enjoy the full Google Meet experience. As a result, this saves up to 30% of the CPU resources as you are using Meet with these effects. So far, though, only two effects are supported, namely light adjustment and background blur.

Google made the updated digital backgrounds available for all the users in the world simultaneously. Unlike other updates that arrive to end users gradually, this one (probably because of the cloud involvement) was easier to offer to everyone at once. If you have a Workspace Business/Enterprise account or a Workspace Individual one, of course. Personal Google accounts are not supported yet; neither are Education, Nonprofit, Frontline, or Essential accounts.

If you are eligible, have you already tried these new backgrounds? How did Google Meet perform after the update? What did you like the most? Share your impressions with us in the comments!


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