• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 24 May 2021
Microsoft’s Surface Duo Dual-Screen Gaming Confirmed Poster

Microsoft’s Surface Duo Dual-Screen Gaming Confirmed

Finally, Microsoft is launching the Xbox Cloud Gaming for Android that boosts Microsoft’s Surface Duo gaming potential. But, wait, does it really change everything and make Duo a perfect portable gaming device to Xbox Cloud Gaming? 

Well, the app works exactly as we expected. The gameplay is displayed on one screen, while the second becomes a touch version of the Xbox controller. According to the update notes, over 50 titles already support the new controls and available for everyone who has an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Microsoft Surface Duo hasn’t been a commercial success since the very launch because the product couldn’t justify the $1,500 price tag with just a pair of large touchscreens and a foldable design. There had to be something more. However, now this device with a unique form-factor costs $1,000 and finally provides a decent cloud gaming experience with AAA titles. If that’s something you dreamed of, go ahead and get it. Don’t hesitate to share the fun news with other Duo users (if you know any, of course), and join the chat below to discuss the device and its potential. Will there be a Surface Duo 2 with better stock capabilities or its the last try of the software giant?

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