• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 31 Jan 2023
Is Dead Space 2 Remake Coming Soon? Poster

Is Dead Space 2 Remake Coming Soon?

It has been over a decade since the release of the classic horror game Dead Space. After receiving positive reviews and much acclaim, players have been left wondering if a remake of the sequel will ever happen. Well, recent clues in-game have sparked hope that there is more to come from this beloved franchise! 

Dead Space received an official remake late last year, giving fans old and new the chance to experience its horrific glory once again. However, after completing the game in its entirety and entering New Game Plus mode afterward comes a surprise - new text logs featuring two Ishimura employees conversing about potential employment opportunities across Sprawl, with many familiar with the series recognizing it as one of the locations featured in Dead Space 2. 

A few months prior to this discovery had seen one developer not ruling out possibilities for yet another remake installment, further fueling speculations around a possible revival of Isaac’s journey in Dead Space 2 Remake. Given such promising precedence though, it is hard not to keep our hopes high when considering such expectations! 

Refreshed graphics would greatly improve upon horror aesthetics already present throughout both games while new puzzles may be added as well, branching multiple playthroughs or additional paths of exploration available within these titles for those brave enough to take up their guns against necromorphs and other creatures lurking within them! 

All that’s left now is awaiting news on an announcement from EA concerning what we can all agree - feigned excitement or otherwise - holds great potential for bringing back memories we were never eager to repeat, albeit being unable to resist re-experiencing them all over again!

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