• Kayla Cruz
  • 20 Aug 2022
Instagram Offers a New Guide for Shop Owners and Managers Poster

Instagram Offers a New Guide for Shop Owners and Managers

It’s been much more than a place for beach pics, cats, and restaurants for a while. Now Instagram is much closer to its original concept: it’s about the life you live… and the products you offer. To help merchants with their Instagram store pages, the service now issues a 10-page instruction on how to set up a shop on Instagram.

Yes, so it’s been for thousands of years that any place where people gather is a sweet spot for any sort of commerce. Instagram (like other social media) admits this effect and reacts to it by setting it up more convenient. Now, with Shop tabs, consumers can easier reach the page of a certain product and buy it immediately, which makes Instagram a more attractive shopping platform for both customers and merchants.

Without guidance, though, this feature may go wild and create more confusion than convenience. The guide is exactly about this: which tags are better to use, how to make them relevant, how to place products in your Instagram catalog, and how to use tools like Feed., Live, and Stories to make the most effect. As for Reels, Instagram recommends making them more meaningful and engaging instead of just informing about new products. It also gives hints about useful practices, like using hashtags with products for more than 5 days a month.

Instagram specialists also recommend not going too far to chase the moment. For example, Stories advertising certain products should be saved as Highlights to remain available. A product you want to emphasize needs to appear on any possible medium within Instagram – even Live, if it’s worth a dedicated presentation.

What about your Instagram shopping experience? Are you on the selling or on the buying side? Are you satisfied with the current Instagram commerce? What annoys you and what motivates to make purchases? Tell us about your experience in the comments if you please!

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