• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 22 Dec 2021
Instagram Introduces Previews of Users Posts Poster

Instagram Introduces Previews of Users Posts

Instagram is one of the most popular places to share your photos and videos with followers. You can create stories and posts on your page. However, the biggest problem is that there is no preview of the post you share on other social media. Well, at least it was until now. Instagram reveals a new feature that allows you to see the preview of your post on other platforms. You may now check out the preview of the post on Twitter before you send it.

In the recent announcement, Instagram said that the company is improving its compatibility with other social media platforms. Users can now take a look at the post they want to share with others before it will be sent out of Instagram. The news is not shocking or surprising, mainly because this social network has already revealed these plans only a month ago. Basically, they’ve just made official confirmation.

This may not sound like a huge change for Instagram users, yet, it is great and much-awaited news for owners of numerous profiles on social media platforms. Before the innovation, you had to share the post with only caption and link as two only visible things for users. The new update allows you to see the entire post and how it will look like a tweet or post on other platforms. 
Yet, there is another problem that is still there. Previews will be revealed if the posts from public user accounts are shared.

If you have your account private on Instagram, viewers have to click the link and follow it before the post will be revealed. Another problem is that Stories can’t be seen in previews. Meanwhile, you can show previews on your website as well. It does not have to be only a social network.

Do you often share Instagram posts? What other platforms do you use together with Instagram? Share your comments below.

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