• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 07 Mar 2022
Instagram Introduces Auto-Captions to Videos Poster

Instagram Introduces Auto-Captions to Videos

Instagram launches its speech recognition algorithms. Now, you can make your videos with captions in real-time. You don’t have to do anything, as captions are added automatically unless you disable them. This is an important step for Instagram that is now getting more and more video-oriented.

 The new feature gets an entire set of jobs done. First, it makes Instagram video facilities more inclusive. With captions, even deaf users or those with low hearing can enjoy videos as well and understand what the speaker is talking about, even despite imperfect speech recognition. Second, it enables every user to watch videos in mute mode and still keep track of what’s being spoken. Finally, it just makes it easier to understand foreign languages, as captions assist in recognizing words and phrases. So far, it supports English and 16 more languages.

The captions are available in stories and posts equally, and even in live mode. It’s important for Instagram, as it focuses on video more and more. The Meta company has already announced its intention to ditch IGTV and move its features into the main Instagram app (which makes sense, because switching between these two apps only brought more confusion). On the contrary, Reels, a short video service by Instagram, appears to be very successful. Now Instagram will support it as a new rival to the upstart TikTok.

 Once upon a time, Instagram was mostly about photos. Now it makes its video experience more advanced. Combined with its large audience and integration with other Meta services, it makes Instagram one of the leaders among video-focused social media.

 Have you already watched a video with captions on Instagram? Or tried recording some? How correct was auto-caption? And how readable? Tell us what you felt about it in the comments!

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