• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 04 Oct 2021
Instagram and Messenger New Cross-App Group Feature Poster

Instagram and Messenger New Cross-App Group Feature

Facebook developers reported that they would create a chat for communication on Instagram and Messenger last year. Now they have announced the Cross-App chat release in the newest update. Users will get group indicators and new chat themes on both platforms, as well as polls for Instagram direct messages. This step is aimed to make communication with your friends easier on both platforms. 

When you create a Cross-App group, you may add people from both Instagram and Facebook. You can join this group using one social media; there is no need to enter it from both. You also will be able to use those features available on the particular platform. The developers have added an exciting feature that shows the app from which the person is typing. It is the group indicators that arrive on Instagram and Messenger. 

Polls are now available on Instagram too. They have the same principle as on other apps. You can ask a question, and people in your group can vote on which variant is best for them. In the previous update, the Watch Together feature was added to Instagram. Now the developers have improved it a little, and the new version comes with these changes. This function allows users to watch Reels and IGTV videos together with their friends in a group. You should start a video call and share a post to watch and discuss it with each other. 

Facebook also offers new chat themes. Some of them (for example, Astrology art suite) have the design with AR effect. You can use new themes in standard chats and innovative Cross-App chats, and they will be seen by all group members. Overall, the new features are quite appealing to try and open various opportunities. What do you think about the new update? Have you already tried these features? Please, leave your comments. 

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