• Kayla Cruz
  • 16 Aug 2023
Indefinite Hiatus for Darkwood Game Developers Poster

Indefinite Hiatus for Darkwood Game Developers

The gaming industry was greeted with unexpected news when Acid Wizard Studio, the developers behind the renowned horror game Darkwood, announced that they're taking an indefinite break. The studio, a three-member Polish team, crafted one of the most successful horror games with Darkwood. However, the pressure and stress associated with operating in such a high-stakes industry have led to physical and mental health issues for the team members. They've decided to value personal wellbeing over corporate perpetuity, garnering respect from the gaming community and beyond.

The team’s decision-making was shared over a blog post on their website. Here, they elaborated on how crafting Darkwood consumed five years of their lives, taking a considerable toll on their mental health. Even after the game’s massive success, an overwhelming sense of pressure persisted. They've decided to indefinitely halt their operations in an attempt to recover from the exhaustion of running a globally acclaimed studio under immense pressure.

Although recognizing the risk, Acid Wizard Studio expressed profound gratitude towards their fans for understanding their need to prioritize personal health. While assuring the crowd that Darkwood’s legacy will continue, they also stated that they'd return only when they felt mentally prepared and free of the previously felt burdens. A touch of hope remains for the players waiting for the next installment to transpire.

The decision has sparked a new conversation about the grueling pressure and constant stress that game developers face. The situation underscores the fact that launching successful games often demand serious personal sacrifices. It’s become a growing concern within the gaming industry, as it vividly highlights the need for increased mental health support and understanding in the gaming landscape.

Ultimately, the story behind Darkwood's indefinite hiatus holds a mirror up to the darker aspects of the gaming industry, raising critical questions about sustainability, mental health, and the real cost of success.

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