• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 08 May 2023
Hogwarts Legacy Update Brings Relief to Arachnophobic Gamers with 500 Fixes for PS4 and Xbox One Poster

Hogwarts Legacy Update Brings Relief to Arachnophobic Gamers with 500 Fixes for PS4 and Xbox One

Fear no more, arachnophobic gamers! The latest Hogwarts Legacy patch is here to ease your anxiety while playing the popular open-world action RPG. The new update not only brings an arachnophobia mode to the game, but it also includes a whopping 500 fixes, targeting multiple aspects of the gameplay experience as it makes its way to PS4 and Xbox One systems today.

The arachnophobia mode, available in the game's accessibility options, aims to make the presence of spiders less terrifying by giving them a hilarious makeover. That's right – spiders in Hogwarts Legacy now sport roller skates, providing comic relief and reducing the fear factor for players who may have a genuine phobia. Along with altered visuals, the arachnophobia mode also mutes spider skitters and screeches, making them less of a scare-inducing presence in the game.

In addition to the changes to the spiders' appearance and sounds, the arachnophobia mode eliminates spider ground effect spawners and turns static spider corpses invisible. This means that players can traverse the game's world without stumbling upon any potentially triggering content. Of course, the development team ensured that the collision function remains active to prevent players from getting stuck while using this setting.

However, Avalanche Software has chosen to keep spider images in the Field Guide intact, ensuring that the reference material remains as accurate and informative as possible. This decision caters to the diverse player base – those who appreciate the game's immersive world and fauna and those who prefer a less spider-infested experience.

The new Hogwarts Legacy patch also introduces support for the Professor Ronen cosmetic set Twitch drops and a myriad of bug and performance fixes. With the game’s arrival on PS4 and Xbox One, this significant update marks the first major patch in almost two months, just in time for these systems' releases.

In conclusion, Hogwarts Legacy's newfound accessibility, thanks to the arachnophobia mode and its 500 improvements, showcases the developers' commitment to providing an enjoyable gaming experience for all players. As one of Warner Bros.'s biggest launches ever, with over 12 million copies sold and $850 million in sales within its first two weeks, Hogwarts Legacy is expected to continue enchanting gamers far and wide, arachnophobes included.

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