• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 27 Jun 2022
Halo: Infinite May Get a Big Campaign Expansion in 2025 Poster

Halo: Infinite May Get a Big Campaign Expansion in 2025

The most frequent complaint about Halo: Infinite is its lack of content in campaign mode. As great as it is, the campaign mode of Halo: Infinite is too short, so players would like to have more. The good news is that a big DLC for the campaign mode is under development. The not-so-good news is that it should appear no earlier than 2025.

At least, so it follows from the leak that Sean W made public on his YouTube channel. According to what he says, the new expansion will have everything a Halo: Infinite aficionado can expect and even more. Making game-size expansions is the thing to do recently, each of them providing lots of new content: locations, stories, weapons and other items, and new mechanics. And probably, as the development of the expansion will take years, it will have all of it.

As little as Sean W is willing to reveal, he still says that the campaign will feature the so-called “varied world”. This will be more than just a new location and even more than a large new location. It rather sounds like procedural generation somehow implemented in the campaign, allowing for both streamlined narrative and lots of variables adding to replayability. Well, waiting these years for an expansion that only offers several hours of gameplay would be just unfair.

So far, though, fans of Halo may enjoy themselves with other related content. New seasons will continue. The series on Paramount+ is already greenlighted for the second season and may hold on well until 2025 and even further. Master Chief and other characters may make cameos in other games. Finally, there may be new installments that take less time than three years to be ready; and don’t dismiss potential remasters and remakes.

Would you like to have such a great DLC as it may be, according to the rumor? What do you think about the current state of Halo: Infinite? Share what you think in the comments!


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