• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 26 May 2024
Google Photos May Soon Turn Your Videos into Cinematic Moments on Android Poster

Google Photos May Soon Turn Your Videos into Cinematic Moments on Android

It has been reported that Google Photos could be introducing an exciting new capability for Android users, allowing them to transform videos into "Cinematic Moments" using the content stored on their devices. This potential feature surfaces amidst the popularity of the current Cinematic Photos function, which enables the conversion of simple images into three-dimensional visuals. The anticipated Cinematic Moment feature is believed to potentially employ a similar mechanism but would apply it to video content instead.

Details have emerged from a collaboration between leaker Assemble Debug and Android Authority, revealing their discovery during an APK dismantlement of the Google Photos application, version for Android. This scrutiny revealed coding that suggests a nascent video editing tool designed to auto-select portions of video, applying a slow-motion effect to render what could be described as a Cinematic Moment. This is distinct from the more interactive Cinematic Photos feature, as it seems this new video editing process might initially lack the option for user-directed creation of these moments. However, speculations persist that manual capabilities could be introduced subsequently.

No concrete details on its functionality or deployment timeline were provided in the report. It's vital to note that functionalities identified during APK breakdowns are generally in the experimental phase and might not progress to the wider release on Android's version of the Google Photos app.

This innovation is part of Google's broader strategy to expand its artificial intelligence (AI) driven editing tools, similar to those featured on the Pixel 8 series, across earlier Pixel models. Indications are that enhancements like the Magic Editor could soon be available on the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 devices, according to various insights.

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