• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 05 Nov 2022
Google Brings Its Image Recognition Feature to the Home Page Poster

Google Brings Its Image Recognition Feature to the Home Page

The Lens recognition feature for images has been one of the focus points for Google for a while now. The company introduced it to several of its products over, such as Chrome and Google Photos, and now Google decided to put it in the most easily accessible location — the home page.
With this update, users will be able to see the Lens button right on the search bar of the Google homepage. A Google vice president of engineering, Rajan Patel, mentioned that this is quite a serious change, as the classic homepage rarely undergoes any changes. This is something that users have been able to notice for years. For this reason, any changes that the company applies are immediately obvious and discussed.
By tapping the Lens button, users will be able to either enter a URL containing an image or upload the picture directly to Google. If you have ever used the separate Lens app or accessed the feature in other integrations, you know exactly what happens next.

The Lens feature is not just searching for the same or similar images in the browser. What is fun about this function is that it also provides information about the objects that it recognizes in the pictures. For instance, if you upload a photo depicting a certain plant, you will get numerous images of the plant, and also Google will provide information on what it is if it manages to determine it correctly.

Another feature is that if you scan a photo with text, it will be possible to copy it and maybe even translate it. If you scan a QR code, you will also get information about it right on the Google page. The Lens feature also provides you with a link to conduct a reverse image search, so it may be possible to discover where a certain picture comes from.

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