• Kayla Cruz
  • 19 Jul 2022
Facebook Will Let Users Create up to 5 Profiles? Now Testing Poster

Facebook Will Let Users Create up to 5 Profiles? Now Testing

Having a backup profile on Facebook is quite a popular thing, though not directly allowed by user terms. Now it may change, as Facebook now tests a new approach, under which users will be able to create up to 5 profiles. They can be used to represent various social hypostases of a person while not being regarded as a violation of rules by Meta.

How does it function? Well, you may be a blogger with an attitude, an opinion on political and cultural issues, and a manner that some may find offensive. But it’s not the page to show your potential employers or your mother, you may guess. For this purpose, you can run another profile that will be linked with your sharp blog. On this decent one, though, they can enjoy your family pictures, cats, and flowerbeds. You can also have a profile for jokes and memes, one where you post your movie or videogame reviews only, and so on. All of them are registered as related to one person, though.

It helps that on extra profiles, you won’t have to use your real name as it has always been emphasized by Facebook. Still, in reality, this rule is violated too often for Facebook to do some actual checking, which allows for anonymity when it’s required but also lets bots flourish.

Can these extra profiles be used as backup ones while one of them is restricted or deleted? No, Facebook representative Leonard Lam says. If you violate terms and conditions on one of your profiles, sanctions will be imposed on all of them.

How can it change your Facebook experience? Well, first, you can only befriend or follow the pages you’re interested in and ignore those by the same persons that post content irrelevant to your interests. Second, you can use it for yourself to show different layers of your personality. As for Facebook, it can interpret the growing number of pages as it likes, especially after the daily user number decline reported in Q1 2022.

Will you create more profiles on Facebook? If so, will you use your real name there? Do you think it will be popular? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

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