• Kayla Cruz
  • 21 Jan 2020
Dragonite to Feature In Next Pokemon Episode Poster

Dragonite to Feature In Next Pokemon Episode

Although the most celebrated Pokemon dragon-type creature has always been Charizard, the anime series hinted to add another one to the game soon. Dragonite hasn’t been featured in the game franchise and full-length movies before. Its initial appearance happened in the “Drake’s Dragonite” episode of the anime series. 

The new creature was presented as a part of the oldest Pokemon generation. Trainer Drake used the power of Dragonite to fight Ash and Pikachu in an utterly difficult battle. Ashe’s best friend had to use his entire power to defeat it and win. This victory made Ash an honored Orange League Champion.

Ash didn’t catch Dragonite in the anime, but the game is going to change that. It also has a chance to appear in the continuation of the ongoing Pokemon anime season and the upcoming Pokemon the Movie: Coco. Hopefully, both of them will meet our expectations. 

Which is your favorite Pokemon, by the way? Did you anticipate Dragonite’s coming to the game after watching Pokemon: The Series? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and share the news with other fans of the franchise in social networks.

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