• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 20 Dec 2023
Destiny 2 Unveils the Ultimate Non-Raid Grenade Launcher for Legendary Looters Poster

Destiny 2 Unveils the Ultimate Non-Raid Grenade Launcher for Legendary Looters

For years, Destiny players have craved a way to earn legendary gear outside the formidable raid challenges. Bungie has finally answered these calls with the introduction of the Undercurrent, a wave frame grenade launcher that rivals the famed Forbearance. This electrifying new weapon is causing a buzz in the Guardian community, as it provides a viable pathway to greatness for those who tread outside the raiding circle.

The Undercurrent is not just a consolation prize; it's a powerhouse in its own right. Its standout feature, Voltshot, electrifies the battlefield, chaining arcing energy between foes. This makes the Undercurrent a spectacle of destruction, perfect for those who revel in the chaos of crowd control. It's an enticing option for any Guardian looking to spice up their arsenal and bring a new edge to their combat strategy.

The chase for the Undercurrent's God roll is on, and the possible combinations are tantalizing. Whether you lean towards the relentless ammo supply of Lead from Gold, the magnificence of Ambitious Assassin, or the explosive synergy of Demolitionist, there's a roll to suit every playstyle. With such dynamic potential, Guardians are eager to test their mettle and find their perfect match in this new weapon.

This week presents the perfect storm for farming the Undercurrent, with a double reward Nightfall and General Manager Nightfall featuring this weapon. Whether you're a seasoned raider or prefer to keep your feet on less elite ground, the time is ripe to dive into the fray. The odds are ever in your favor, with a chance to secure a Voltshot on every run, making this an unmissable opportunity for all.

As a Guardian who has witnessed the rise and fall of many weapons, the Undercurrent stands out as a testament to Bungie's commitment to accessibility and variety in gameplay. It's a weapon that breaks the mold, offering raid-like quality to the masses. Whether you're a veteran or a newcomer to the Nightfall scene, don't miss your chance to wield the electric might of the Undercurrent. It's time to make your mark on Destiny 2 with this striking new addition to your armory.

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