• Kayla Cruz
  • 30 Jan 2023
Dead Island 2: A Taste of Upcoming Skills System Poster

Dead Island 2: A Taste of Upcoming Skills System

After a 9-year wait, the much-anticipated game Dead Island 2 is finally set to hit shelves on April 28th. The latest information about it comes from an interview with Dambuster Studios, who has taken over development after two prior studios were unable to finish it. They recently revealed details about their upcoming skill system, which promises to offer players something unique and exciting. 
Dambuster Studios have opted for a different approach than most games with regard to its progression tree; instead of this being a linear process, there will be skill cards that the player can choose from and equip in order to progress in the game. As they explained, they want this experience to be fast-paced yet still customizable; players will have access to several cards at once, allowing them freedom when it comes to selecting abilities that best suit their current situation or play style. Additionally, these changes bring pleasant surprises as well as disasters that shake up the gameplay. All this sounds like a great idea though Neon White’s success last year also gave us an example of how well such systems work in action – proving that Dead Island 2 could be doing something right here too. 
In terms of what else we know about Dead Island 2 so far; it will be available for PC, PlayStation 4/5, and Xbox One/Series X|S consoles - offering plenty of flexibility for gamers who want varying levels of graphical fidelity depending on their console type (or if you’ve got one powerful enough then you can get amazing visuals even on PC). Despite numerous delays and changes in developer teams over time, though, Dead Island 2 still remains highly anticipated by fans – making us hopeful that all our expectations will be met when it launches later this year! 
To sum things up, Dambusters Studios have taken some risks by opting for skill cards instead of traditional progressive trees. Based on previous evidence and early indications, this appears to pay off nicely come launch day, likely! That said, only time will tell if Dead Island 2 lives up to its hype, but considering all we've heard so far, there really is no reason why not!

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