• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 23 Nov 2022
Cyberattacks Are a Daily Occurrence for Modern Businesses Poster

Cyberattacks Are a Daily Occurrence for Modern Businesses

According to the research, cyberattacks are more common for businesses than one may realize. Modern organizations, especially larger ones, experience problems with cyberattacks on a daily basis.

The information comes from the Dell report. The document was compiled based on the information received from 1,000 key people in the IT sphere. The respondents mentioned that there is a significant increase in the number of technological disasters experienced by companies compared to the previous years. Such attacks result in high recovery costs, extensive data loss, and they require more time to get the system back up and running.

Cyberattacks constitute the largest percentage of these problems. Almost half of the incidents that happen in various companies are the results of malicious cyberattacks, so it’s definitely a relevant problem in the sphere.

According to the report, around 9 companies out of 10 have experienced one or more cybersecurity-related problems in the last year. Companies that dealt with data loss experienced losing more than a million dollars in downtime costs, which is a higher number compared to the previous years.

Another statistic to mention is that around 85% of companies that rely on several data protection vendors haven’t noticed any results when it comes to security improvement.

A growing number of businesses are starting to use Zero Trust architecture to improve their level of protection. The report suggests that 91% of respondents either know about this type of architecture or are at least aware of its existence. 12% of companies are fully deployed when it comes to the Zero Trust model.

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