• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 03 Nov 2021
Challenge Scenarios Will Come to Sims Poster

Challenge Scenarios Will Come to Sims

Challenges are fan-generated adventures, which you can give a try in the Sims series. Maxis Studios took some notes and rolled out the Scenarios features.

The studio gave a glimpse of the new mode during a presentational live stream. Challenges will be available via the Scenarios category, which is located in the main menu. There you can start a new adventure with the pre-set conditions and a final goal that will crown the whole thing. Just like in good-old Sims Challenges.

So far, there are two default challenges to beat. The first scenario is a rags-to-riches story dubbed Money Making. Here, you start as an absolutely broke sim who has to hustle and grind to accumulate financial stability.

The second scenario is more romantic — Finding Love After A Break-Up. Apparently, it will send you right to the center of a dating whirlwind, where you’ll look for another significant other, pumping up the happiness meter of your simulated persona.

The best thing about the new mode is that it comes in a free update. It has become live on November 2 (2021). Apart from the Scenarios, we get a pile of bugs fixed, a collection of ornamental plants, and “express-delivery content”.

As the memo from the game’s official site says, there will be more challenges coming in the future. Interestingly, some of those will be time-limited events. Perhaps, it means that the challenges will feature some sort of leaderboards and trophies/reward loot. Nothing has been said about a scenario editor, via which you could add your own idea to the challenges. But chances are, Maxis will consider it at some point.

The update is already available and charges no money. Download it to check the Scenarios and fiddle with new decorative elements added to the game. Which Sims challenges are your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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