• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 26 Feb 2023
Blood Bowl 3: Devs Respond to Complaints with Free Stuff Poster

Blood Bowl 3: Devs Respond to Complaints with Free Stuff

The launch of Blood Bowl 3 was plagued by delays, game-breaking bugs and a Mostly Negative rating on Steam. The developers responded with a community update promising to address the main issues players are having, such as the remaining bugs, monetization concerns and lack of rewards. They announced two ways in which players can earn the in-game currency called warpstone and free cosmetics - through leveling up their coach or completing seasonal tasks.

To help appease their players, the Blood Bowl team is introducing two new ways for them to earn warpstone and cosmetic items. The first way they can do this is by levelling up their coach via winning games. This has yet to be implemented but will be part of an upcoming patch. The second way that players can accumulate these rewards is through earning XP for completing tasks during seasonal content; both singleplayer and multiplayer activities count towards this goal.

Players who purchase the Brutal Edition of Blood Bowl 3 will receive 1,000 warpstone as part of their package – however no other form of payment for warpstones has been made available yet through the game’s store page, which remains blank at present. Players can also unlock additional teams via a ‘Blood Pass’ system – each season comes with its pass, which offers rewards depending on whether you pay for it. Those who choose not to pay get rewarded as they level up, while those who opt into paying receive instant unlocks, including one new team per season, before it ends after three months have passed.

To help alleviate this issue, they announced two new ways for players to earn warpstone and free cosmetics - leveling up your coach through winning games and earning xp for completing tasks in seasonal content (singleplayer or multiplayer). However, these features aren’t currently available either - with coach leveling coming with an upcoming patch, while Season 1 doesn’t start until May 25th, according to their roadmap.

Those who do pay out of pocket will benefit from a ‘Blood Pass’ system similar to other videogames season passes - offering rewards, both free tier and instant unlocks, if you pay for it per season that includes one new team each time.

Overall, Blood Bowl 3 developers seem dedicated to improving upon the initial launch of their game by addressing user complaints while still offering incentives via rewards systems if people choose to invest money into it too.

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