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  • Kayla Cruz
  • 10 Feb 2022
Awesome New Layers for Snapchat’s MapAwesome New Layers for Snapchat’s Map Poster

Awesome New Layers for Snapchat’s MapAwesome New Layers for Snapchat’s Map

Recently, Snapchat received a big update with new features added to the app. Now you have more ways to follow your friends, influencers, and celebrities and keep up with the latest trends. We will tell you how to use Snapchat to the fullest.

New Layers on the Map

Last year, the developers added two new layers to the Snap Map called “Memories” and “Explore.” The update is now available on all iOS and Android devices and in all countries in which Snapchat operates. This interactive map is designed to pick exciting places to visit (based on your activity), find out the location of your friends, and check popular spots among other users. New features expand the capabilities of Snap Map. All in all, their names speak for themselves.

Using the “Memories” layer, you can find out what happened on this day in the same place a year ago. You can look at the map and reminisce about days gone by. This layer is made up of only pictures from your collection, and no one else can see them. It’s an excellent option for those who travel a lot to see the visited cities again without leaving home.

The “Explore” layer gives you a broad view of what other Snapchat users are doing right now. On the map, you can see the most active places (like on a heat map, they are marked in orange or red). Here you can see the pictures that are posted to the public. Find out what your friends or celebrities you are interested in are doing or what cool events are currently happening in a particular region.

On both layers, users are displayed as so-called “Actionmoji.” Instead of profile icons, here you see a post preview. Snapchatters, including you, need to share their location to appear on the map. You can choose to make your snaps public, only available to friends, or not available at all (so you’ll be viewing the content in a “ghost” mode).

How to Use New Layers

Are you ready to dive into the memories of the past year or find out what your friends are doing? Here’s how to do it:

  1. open Snapchat on any of your devices;

  2. in the lower-left corner of the screen, find the “Snap Map” icon and tap on it;

  3. on the opened map in the upper right corner, you need to find the “Settings” and pick the “Layers” menu;

  4. choose the layer you need from the list;

  5. switch between layers to try different functionality.

The Explore Layer

After opening the map, you will immediately be taken to this layer. There will be a global map with “thermal” activity markers on your screen. Zoom in or out to see the region you need. When you open a certain area, its name will appear at the top of the screen. You can click on the title to see all the pictures taken here. Tap “Friends” if you want to know what your friends are up to. Select “Places” and see the most requested spots in your country. Update the map from time to time to see new content.

The Memories Layer

Switch to this layer, and all your pictures will appear on the map. Browse all regions and districts to see all memories. Click on the image you are interested in to enlarge it and view it in more detail.

Snapchat Connects People Globally

Snap regularly improves and supplements its product with awesome features. The new layers make users more engaged and allow them to connect with literally the whole world. Now you can easily share the story of a fantastic event with people from other countries and continents and find out what interesting things are happening with them. Recall that Snapchat also recently introduced layers from The Infatuation and Ticketmaster companies, which help users find scheduled events and noteworthy cafes.

How do you like these new features? Have you already tried them out? What layer would you add to the Snap Map if you had the chance?

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