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  • Ryan Gutierrez
  • 12 Nov 2021
10 Best Amazon Prime Video Movies so Far Poster

10 Best Amazon Prime Video Movies so Far

If you are currently rambling your apartment thinking about what to watch and think about exploring Amazon Prime Video, you definitely need our advice! Below are the best movies you can stream on the platform right now. 

1. The Big Sick (2017)

The Big Sick, directed by Michael Showalter, is a heartwarming and humorous biographical rom-com that tells the real-life love story of comedian Kumail Nanjiani and his wife, Emily V. Gordon. The film explores the complexities of an interracial relationship and the challenges of cultural expectations. With its witty script and authentic performances, especially by Nanjiani and Zoe Kazan, this film manages to be both hilariously funny and deeply moving. It's a modern love story with a refreshing perspective that resonates with a wide audience.

2. You Were Never Really Here, 2017

This dark Lynne Ramsay's psychological thriller tells a story of a hitman who receives an order to save politicians’ daughters from a human trafficking cartel. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? It becomes even more exciting when you see that Joaquin Phoenix plays the main character. As you may have already guessed, he did his best in this picture.

3. The Handmaiden, 2016

Did you enjoy the South Korean movie Parasite? If yes, you should definitely give a try to this South Korean title too. This erotic psychological thriller is exquisite in the way it combines sexual scenes with amazing screenplay and insane plot twists only an Asian movie can have. 

4. The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, 2021

This sci-fi rom-com is based on a time-loop concept similar to Palm Springs but doesn’t look secondary at all. It tells us a uniquely charming story of two teenagers who wake up the same day numerous times in a row and unveil their personalities bit by bit. It’s a perfect movie for relaxing! 

5. The Vast of Night, 2019

New Mexico. The 1950s. Two young workers of a radio station accidentally find a frequency that seems to be somehow related to aliens. This debut picture by Andrew Patterson manages to hold you insanely thrilled up until the unexpected yet satisfying ending. 

6. Suspiria, 2018

This Luca Guadagnino's psychological body horror is definitely not for everyone, but if you’re keen on the genre you just must watch it. The movie lasts over 2,5 hours and features multiple frightening disturbing scenes that will make your jaw drop for sure! It’s highly recommended to watch it with someone else and focus on catching the message hidden under the horror wrapper. 

7. Sound of Metal, 2019

This story of a punk-metal drummer for nominated for multiple Oscars and won in two categories for the best sound and editing. The main character, Ruben, plays in a band but starts to lose his hearing and struggles with drug addiction. He has to give up his dream and a promising career to start a brand new path in the world without sound. 

8. Honey Boy, 2019

Shia LaBeouf wrote this story when he was in rehab and told about tough relationships with his father who used to be a rodeo clown. Moreover, he plays the character inspired by his father, which makes the movie even more touching. It’s currently one of the best psychotherapeutic movie stories you can watch. 

9. Peterson, 2016 

This humorous story by Jim Jarmusch tells about Peterson, a bus driver and a poet who lives his average life. He listens to his passengers talking, drinks beer in the local pub, and walks with his dog while showing average life from an all-new perspective. 

10. Manchester By The Sea, 2016

It’s one of the biggest movies on the platform so far. It features a super-touching Oscar-worthy story of a man who faces big losses and becomes the only guardian of his nephew. Don’t forget the napkins!


Even though Amazon Prime Video isn’t the largest streaming platform out there, it has a bunch of great exclusives including both movies and series. Which title from our list you will watch first? You can answer in the comments and share this listing with friends to save their weekends!

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