• Kayla Cruz
  • 12 Jan 2022
Why Pokémon Unite Doesn’t Need the Surrender Button Poster

Why Pokémon Unite Doesn’t Need the Surrender Button

Pokémon Unite is one of those rare Pokémon-related titles that make it outside of the Nintendo ecosystem. This makes it great and strange at the same time; many things that seem right on Nintendo devices look ridiculous on Android or iOS. And while some are just misunderstood, some developers’ decisions seem just wrong, and one of them is the Surrender button.

As Pokémon Unite is a team game, it takes the majority of a team to decide on surrendering or continuing when the game seems lost. No wonder why many players use it: after the first K.O. or lost goal, they are overrun by depression and disappointment and want to proceed to the next game that might be luckier. But while some consider it time-saving, others see it as game-ruining.

And if you look closely at the gameplay, you can see it is surprisingly volatile. Even if your team is losing all through the game, there is always a chance to develop the strategy by the end of the game and suddenly win. Then why should it take so long? The answer we suggest is to let the team develop its inner language, to shape that feeling.

The game has been designed to keep hope alive for the losing team. After the first lost goal, there are wild Pokémon you can hunt in the freed lane to level up. Which should be the aims for the losing team? Put your hopes on the wild Pokémon. It’s recommended to hurry to hunt the Drednaw to get your team protected while attacking the appearing Zapdos as soon as you spot it and casting the final damage. If you do, you will increase your score and get able to hit the opponent’s goal quicker. If not – what can you lose? And this is just one possible way to win if you’ve started with losses.

So, the problem with the Surrender button is that it exists. It’s too seductive an idea to give up a fight and start a new one. But the new game will have the same problem: too easy to give up. And the ones who suffer the most are those willing to continue.

So do you support the idea of removing this button? Are you a fighter-to-the-end, or prefer to get off a dead horse? Both positions have their reasons, but games are not meant to foster premature capitulation. Or are we wrong? Share your opinion in the comments!

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