• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 09 May 2022
TikTok Plans to Meet the Mental Health Awareness Month with Special Events Poster

TikTok Plans to Meet the Mental Health Awareness Month with Special Events

TikTok starts a campaign for the Mental Health Month, meant to destigmatize people with such illnesses and make its platform (and the world) a friendlier environment for them. To complete this mission, the fastest-growing social media in the world is scheduling a line of events and in-app activations where its users may participate.

These events suggest encouraging users to tell their stories of dealing with such illnesses, using hashtags like #MentalHealthAwareness, #SelfCare, or #LetsTalkMentalHealth. As you see, some of them are aiming to help those with mental illnesses to maintain their life quality and fight or avoid unhealthy conditions. Others are meant for people around these, having to deal with mental illnesses in others. Both categories will benefit from both help from specialists and support from ordinary people like themselves.

As for specialists, TikTok will feature some of them who create content related to the motto of the month. There are psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, coaches, physicians, and other specialists who also create TikTok videos for helping others. Some of them talk directly to patients, others to their friends or family members, and some just deliver trivia on mental illnesses that surprisingly many people seem to be unaware of.

Mental health is one of the biggest health-related concerns today, and Mental Health Month is the time we get more and more aware about causes and effects of mental illnesses and how to build the inclusive society and destigmatize those suffering from these. Social media, being responsible for a large part of these environments, are taking their steps in this direction too.

How do you rate this initiative by TikTok? Do you believe it will be of any real importance, like we do? Feel free to speak your opinion out loud in the comments!


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